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Th​e first result of the Resolution presented to our Mayor and Police Chief on 23 June 2017, was the city’s testing runoff for the first time in twenty-four (24) years!!!  The Resolution (below) will continue in circulation to collect more business, organizational and community leader signatures.  

  • Whereas, the impound lot runoff is, and has been for decades, allowed to enter Beargrass Creek;

  • Whereas, the impound lot diminishes the community and ecological value of Beargrass Creek;

  • Whereas, the impound lot runoff damages the banks of Beargrass Creek, requiring remediation;

  • Whereas, the impound lot runoff entering Beargrass Creek flows into the Ohio River;

  • Whereas, the impound lot is littered;

  • Whereas, the impound lot soil is contaminated;

  • Whereas, the impound lot is, and has for decades been, in violation of Metro Louisville regulation CHAPTER 114: AUTOMOTIVE RECYCLING DEALERS AND JUNKYARDS;

  • Whereas, the impound lot is, and has for decades been, in violation and noncompliant with the 16 articles of the Kentucky Division of Water Permit;

  • Whereas, the impound lot is, and has for decades been, in violation of the Federal Clean Water Act;

  • Whereas, the impound lot is, and has for decades been, in violation of MSD’s MS4 permit;

  • Whereas, redevelopment interests have been expressed by Louisville City FC, Waterfront Botanical Gardens, Waterfront Development Corporation, seven neighborhood associations, the Frankfort Avenue Business Association, and other business interests;

  • Whereas, the city has rejected funded environmental assessments that would provide basic data necessary for remediation of the impound lot;

  • Whereas, the city continues to park vehicles in the one hundred year floodplain;

  • Whereas, more efficient impound related policies and practices will save taxpayer dollars;

  • Whereas, too many various and isolated conversations over the past decades addressing the problems of the impound lot have taken place with no resulting action; now, therefore, be it


Resolved, that we, the undersigned, request that our Police Chief and Mayor: 

  1. immediately remove vehicles from the one hundred year floodplain, relocate the fence that outlines the property to configure with the one hundred year floodplain thereby ensuring that vehicles are out of the one hundred year floodplain – the fence should be tall enough to ensure that the facility is not in sight of the public Butchertown Greenway as required by Metro Louisville regulations;

  2. remove the litter in the one hundred year floodplain and surrounding properties;

  3. regularly conduct monitoring of the water runoff within and adjacent to the site, and make the findings public as required by the Ky Division of Water;

  4. conduct soil tests of the impound lot and the adjacent down hill properties;

  5. construct a storm water retention and treatment system to ensure that storm water is treated prior to flowing into Beargrass Creek;

  6. immediately implement a vehicle environmental fee which would increase impound lot fees, making users pay all real and hidden costs incurred, and ensure that all funds collected from the impoundment lot are placed in an escrow account to address impound lot problems

  7. plant trees and shrubs between the impound lot and Butchertown Greenway to provide an aesthetically pleasing view from this widely used Greenway;

  8. explore alternatives to impounding cars such as extensive booting of cars, requiring insurance companies or owners to take possession of cars, sending cars directly to metal recyclers;

  9. place wrecked metro Louisville vehicles in Metro’s Louisville Fleet Services area;

  10. implement the practice of draining antifreeze, gas, oil, battery fluid, refrigerant, and any flammable fluids for any vehicle to be stored more than 72 hours as required by the KY Division of Water permit;

  11. create a facility with a paved surface with containment curbs, or alternate approved methods intended to prevent fluids from escaping to unpaved areas, on which the removal of fluids shall take place – fluids shall be collected, stored and disposed of in accordance with applicable federal, state and local statutes, ordinances and regulations pertaining thereto;

  12. require LMPD to immediately develop STORMWATER POLLUTION PREVENTION PLAN (SWPPP) as required by the Kentucky division of Water permit for the property;

  13. require LMPD to immediately establish a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Team for the site as required by the Kentucky Division of Water permit for the property;

  14. repair the bank of Beargrass Creek where the impound lot runoff enters and establish long term maintenance of the creek’s bank;

  15. communicate with LG&E, as owners of the property and responsible for what occurs on their property, that metro Louisville will work with LG&E to resolve all impound lot problems while exploring future land use options;

  16. pass a Metro Louisville ordinance stating that Metro will follow all Metro regulations and all state and federal laws pertaining to impound facilities.


Organizations, and businesses signing the Resolution include, as of 23 June 2017:                  


Community Leaders

Laura Lee Brown

Beverley Ballantine, resident of the Muddy Fork Watershed

Donna Brothers

Frank Brothers

Juliet C Gray

Nancy Schoenhoff

Claude Stephens

Non-Governmental Organizations

Beargrass Creek Alliance, Tim Joice

Butchertown Neighborhood Association, Nick Johnson, President

Center for Sustainable Urban Neighborhoods, University of Louisville, John Hans Gilderbloom

Clifton Community Council, Joey Keck, President

Coalition for the Advancement of Regional Transportation (CART), David Coyte

Crescent Hill Community Council, Mark Gaff, President

Crescent Hill Neighborhood Association, Evie Wilkinson

Frankfort Ave Business Association, FABA, Kathy Schmitt

Greater Louisville Sierra Club, Drew Foley, President

Irish Hill Neighborhood Association, Lisa Santos, Co-chair

Neighborhood Planning & Preservation, Inc., Martina Kunnecke, President

Salt River Watershed Watch, Russ Barnett

Wild Ones Louisville, Hart Hagan


BEcreative, Ben Evans

Bike Couriers Bike Shop, Jackie Green

Butchertown Grocery, Bobby Benjamin

Crescent Hill Trading Company, Mark Gaff and Kathy Schmitt

Edible Magazine, Steve Makela

Frankfort Crossing, Cindy Baker

Fresh Start Growers Supply, Steve Paradis

John Nation Photography, John Nation

Kaviar Forge and Gallery, Craig Kaviar

Kentucky Hemp Ventures, Inc., David Barhorst

River City Paddle Sports Inc., Dr. David Wicks

Louisville Metro Police Impound Lot

1487 Frankfort Ave

Louisville, KY 40206

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